“Living Georg Jensen has cooperated with Ambiente regarding a new exhibition concept for domestic and international exhibitions. It has been a fantastic process with a highly professional team. We felt well taken care of from the very first meeting. The creative process was a dream and the construction was carried out without the slightest worry. Of course we have continued our cooperation with Ambiente and look forward to more exciting projects in safe hands.  ”

Sarah Simone Jørgensen
Global HOME Visual Merchandiser at Georg Jensen

“At Paradise Ice Cream we are very glad to cooperate with Ambiente. The best thing about Ambiente is their professional and creative approach to projects. Whenever an unforeseen problem arises along the way Ambiente always responds with a smile and manages to find a solution. We always feel very comfortable working with Ambiente.

Ambiente has, to our full satisfaction, designed our headquarters and has been responsible for the design and construction of our newest stores. Today there is no doubt that Ambiente is our preferred partner in terms of design and shop building.”

Søren Falck Hansen
International & Marketing Manager at Paradis Ice Cream

“Actona Company has now cooperated with Ambiente for 9 months on designing both the interior of our showrooms, shops and exhibition stands in Denmark and abroad.

Ambiente is a very creative, imaginative and professional collaborator. And not to be left unmentioned; the people behind Ambiente are fantastic. Everyone knows that "chemistry" is important when you work with another company, and at Actona we can say that there is a very good chemistry between our two companies.

At Actona Company we are pleased to work with Ambiente and we highly recommend working with them.”

Charlotte V. Kristensen
Marketing Manager at Actona Company

“The best thing about working with Ambiente is that we just have to throw them an idea - they immediately understand what we wish to achieve and can convert it to a complete solution that has been carefully thought through in every detail. They are not just extremely creative and always up-to-date with the latest trends, they are also extremely skilled craftsmen. And they understand the necessity for cost efficiency and for having a business-minded point of view.

With Ambiente we can rest fully assured that everything will work out perfectly and is taken well care of. Whatever the challenge, Ambiente always says “don't worry, we’ll sort it out”, and they do. Even if unforeseen problems appear and even if we change our plans midway, Ambiente will respond with a smile and efficient organization. What is more, Ambiente has the best team around; they are a pleasure to work with!”

Lenka Teilmann
Creative Director & Designer at Furninova

“During the past 12 years that we have had the pleasure to cooperate with Ambiente we have only experienced a high degree of service and understanding of our needs. Michael Skjødt and his team have a great understanding of our demands for creative solutions and solutions of high quality. Delivery is always on time usually in the same standard and to the very same price that has been agreed upon.

In the rare occasions when not everything goes as planned Ambiente always finds a satisfying solution in order for us to create the best possible experience to our customers and stake-holders.”

Kristian Kastoft
Head of Projects & Communications at Danish Crafts

“Ambiente was a natural choice for us. Their creative approach, sheer professionalism and sterling ability to co-operate with their clients make them our favourite partner for design and building projects. And this holds true right from the initial grand designs until construction is completed and the last details are in place. We had no worries at any point about whether things would turn out right - Ambiente simply goes ahead and gets things done.”

Morten Olivius
Area Sales Manager at Roblon Lighting

“Ambiente helped us create an attractive salon for our guests in an hotel dating back to 1898. The salon had to incorporate furnishings from our founder’s private drawing room, retelling his story and the story of the hotel. The task required insight into our history and a keenly honed respect for the existing setting. Yet the room should not be a museum; it should be lifted into the present day and be linked to the overall interior design of the hotel.

Ambiente fully understood the task before them. A modern reinvention of a wallpaper design from the period, coupled with masterfully executed restoration of furnishings and other elements, have transformed the salon into an attractive place to stay. The task called for many creative solutions along the way when the old house threw new surprises at us. All these challenges were also met to our complete satisfaction”

Marie Louise Mols
Conference Manager at Hotel Vejlefjord

“Ambiente has been the right choice for us. Since the reopening of our optical store we have had the pleasure of serving both existing and new customers. Our new store has created a buzz and attracted a lot of new customers, which is evident because we have had no time to do marketing. The design of the store is divided into different impressions making the surroundings lovely and delightful. All of our customers are happy with our new refurbished store.

The cooperation with Ambiente A/S has been an amazing process from idea generation to project completion. I knew that we had made the right choice of choosing Ambiente from the moment I saw the initial 3D images of our upcoming store.”

Ole Larsen
Owner of Brillehuset Thisted

“In connection with the redesign and construction of our new eyewear shop, we are very pleased with the outcome, as well as the cooperation with Ambiene. The transformation of our store design is perfect and fits our needs and image. The interior and décor is more up-to-date. The work process with Ambiente has been a positive experience all the way. Ambiente has understood our style and been able to meet our expectations.  Also, they have been creative and provided a structured work processes. I recommend Ambiente, if you need to redesign your shop.”

Torben Skov Møller
Owner of Møller & Sandahl