2012: A year with record high growth rates

The year 2012 was a good year for Ambiente in which the company constructed and designed 62 exhibition stands, 38 shops and implemented more than 35 art and design solutions worldwide. Nonetheless 2012 was the year when Ambiente entered the Chinese market, got a Chinese website and last but not least hired its first employee in China named Chen Li. Furthermore Ambiente hired an additional 6 employees in 2012 along with the recruitment of Chen Li.

All the factors mentioned above have led to a record high annual growth rate of 29% in the year 2011-12. Therefore Ambiente grew an additional 4% in comparison to the annual growth rate of 25% in 2010-11. Astonishingly this intensive growth does not seem to end in 2013 even though Ambiente has been in the business for more than 14 years. One of the reasons that Ambiente has managed to grow throughout the recession is, undoubtingly, the loyalty of its clients and collaborators. Statistically it appears that approximately 95% of all clients and collaborators choose to continue their collaboration with Ambiente.