Taking second-hand to a higher level

Ultimo September, Ambiente initiates a charity project in collaboration with the world-known organisation Red Cross.
The project encompasses the design and construction of an innovative second-hand shop in Egå close to Aarhus. The purpose of the project is to rethink the concept of second-hand shops and take it to a completely new level, thereby attracting an extended segment of customers.
‘The whole concept is based on reuse’, says Michael Skjødt, CEO & Creative Director at Ambiente. ‘All the materials we use for decorating the shop come from former exhibition and retail projects or are acquired from another second-hand source’, he explains. In that manner, the project becomes an integrated part of the Red Cross campaign “God Stil” (Stylish), aiming to underline the great potential and stylishness of second-hand clothing and interior.
Ambiente is eager to support the local community. ‘It is time for Ambiente to focus more on our social responsibility, and this is the perfect opportunity for Ambiente to contribute within an area, where our creative skills and expertise can really make a difference’, Michael Skjødt emphasises.
The shop will be open for customers on November 15, 2014.