About Ambiente

Exhibition & Retail

Ambiente develops creative ideas and concepts that make your brands and products come alive. And then we build them for you.
We work with creative spaces in the areas fair, exhibition, retail, and art or design related projects of various kinds.  

By letting Ambiente create your space, you get something unique – regardless of whether that space is positioned at a trade fair, in a shop, or in a different context altogether.
No idea is too creative or abstract. Let us know if we at Ambiente can help you turn your ideas into a material and successful reality. We can assist you every step of the way - regardless of whether it is an architectural project, a sculpture, or in a different context entirely.

Please, click here to see examples of our work within fairs, retail, and art/design

Tangible results

Ambiente helps your enterprise create spaces that are different. Spaces that sell your brand. Spaces that make customers stop in their tracks at the trade fair or in the high street, drawing them in for a closer look. Ambiente delivers functional solutions that create concrete results for you.

We are with you all the way

At Ambiente we don’t simply design dreams and flights of fancy. We also build and implement the solutions we suggest. That way, you know that even our wildest proposals are firmly rooted in practical experience and craftsmanship.

      We work on the basis of the framework you set out and deliver the concept that best suits your company, both creatively and financially. By choosing a space from Ambiente you work actively with physical marketing. We make sure that your enterprise and your products stand out from the crowd, because we know that the right space gives you the best possible basis for your sales activities.

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